We need volunteers to help with our upcoming season. We have many great pieces of art in the works but it is not possible without you! As a non-profit we can’t thrive without your help—join us in bringing great, accessible art to the City of Davis!

What We Need:

  • Box Office Officer

  • Concessioners (we just made that up)

  • Wardrobe

  • Stage Hands

  • Ushers (Yeah!)

Our greatest needs from volunteers are typically on show nights—selling tickets, helping the audience find their seats, and selling concessions. On the other side of our needs we have people who help the actors backstage including but not limited to stage managers (one of the most important jobs in the theater), costumers to help actors with their quick changes and more intricate costumes, and lighting and sound (sounds scary but it’s a simple and important job!)

But Also, Specialists…

We need volunteers with special skill sets, who have experience in certain theatrical trades or crafts.

These include:

  • Carpenters

  • Painters

  • Costume Designers

  • Set Designers

  • Sound and Lighting Designers

So far all we’ve done is ask what you can do for us, but I think now we answer the question of what we can do for YOU!

Volunteering can help you develop a variety of skills. Whether it’s grant writing, group management, or public speaking, our team of experienced artists can help you foster skills you didn’t even know you had, and that you’ll be able to implement in real life. Not to mention how amazing our letters of recommendation can be!

While volunteer work isn’t the most glamorous job, it still has plenty of benefits. One of our biggest points of pride here at Bike City is that we develop a genuine community between each other. Between teaming up with our friends at the other theatre companies in the area and connecting to local businesses we strive to create the most comprehensive network of artists and good, honest folk that serves no other purpose than helping one another.

Theatre, in its very nature, cannot exist without people from all walks of life. The actor needs the writer, the writer needs the director, the director needs the designer, the designer needs the builder, and so on and so on. All these people come together to put on a show for the love of the craft. They need the theatre, and the theatre needs you.

Also, free swag and food!