The Mission

Bike City Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit, democratically run theater company based in Davis, CA. Our mission is to create theater that is sustainable, invested in the community, and vibrantly, provocatively theatrical. Our Company is guided by three pillars:


For our company sustainability means we avoid the sacrifice of resources or labor in order to create art. We believe it is possible to create performance without the exploitation of artists or the generation of excess waste. We see sustainability not as an obstacle but as a means to thrive. It challenges us to be creative with our resources in order to engage with the…


Bike City Theatre Company is proud to be embedded within the city of Davis and the greater Yolo County. We seek to be both of the community and to create community by fostering creative expression. We’re artists of the world, but seek to be influenced by the ebbs and flows of experience rooted in this place. To achieve that, we focus on…

The Theatrical

We’re dedicated to crafting performances that immerse the audience in a distinctly theatrical environment. Our interest is in returning the audience to the delight of a shared experience. We challenge our audience to join us in igniting the imaginative qualities of live performance. We believe that, in the modern world, live theatrical performance is the best way to encounter and share the scope of the human experience. Whether our work challenges or affirms, it always leaves its mark.

Our goal is to create performance that brings together people from all walks of life and invites them to explore, experience, and express.

Expect Everything.