The Mission

Bike City Theatre Company is a professional, non-profit, democratic theater company based in Davis, CA. Our mission is to create theater that is sustainable, invested in the community, and vibrantly, provocatively theatrical. We are dedicated to the work-new work, old work, any work, and all work. Our interest in the contemporary fosters equity and diversity. Our interest in the old challenges the authority of the classical. But our value of and interest in the broad range of performance grows from our collective goal of building a sustainable, professional theater that is deeply integrated within the community.


Embracing sustainability means creating balanced change that preserves as it grows. The goal of sustainability is balance so that our collective future is, if not improved, at least ensured. But to maintain and exist are not to thrive, which is our ultimate aim. As a company we intend to make work that balances our resources without exploitative labor or generating excess waste. We see sustainability as a means to thrive, allowing us to focus our efforts on the quality of our work and our engagement with our…


Bike City Theatre Company is proud to be embedded within the city of Davis, CA and the greater Yolo County. Our goal is to produce work that is in conversation with, that challenges, that comforts, amuses, delights, or bemuses our neighbors, our patrons, our community. We seek to be of the community and to create community by fostering creative expression. While we are artists of the world, we seek to be influenced by the ebbs and flows of experience rooted in this place. To achieve that, we focus on …

The Theatrical

We are dedicated to crafting performance experiences that immerse the audience in a distinctly theatrical environment, with many possible directions. We want to ignite the imaginative possibilities available in live performance. We focus on the imaginative, the generative, the alternative, the speculative. Our interest is in returning the audience to the delight of a shared performance experience, one that challenges or affirms, but always leaves its mark.

Our goal is to create performance that brings together people of all walks of life and invites them to explore, experience, and express.

Expect everything!